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C. J. Grayson


C. J. Grayson is currently the author of 3 novels.
'Someone's There', a stand alone based in the South of England, and the first 2 installments of his Darlington based DI Max Byrd & DI Orion Tanzy series, The Tees Valley Killings & The Denes Park Killings.
See below for further information about his novels and his social profiles are available below.
More info on C. J. Grayson:

He spends much of his time reading crime thrillers and watching thriller / horror films. He's got a soft spot for a sickening crime scene and detective work.

He stays up late to write his own novels, and drinks gallons of coffee to keep his eyes open during the process. He started reading crime and thrillers in his teens, and in 2019 when he was 29, he published his debut novel, Someone's There, via Amazon, which has been read by people in various parts of the world.

He then started a Darlington based Detective series, featuring DI Max Byrd & DI Orion Tanzy.  Book 1 is The Tees Valley Killings, followed by book2 -The Denes Park Killings. Book 3 in the series will be coming soon!


JOFFE books sign 6-book deal with C.J. Grayson

Joffe Commissioning Editor signs C.J. Grayson for a 6-book deal, including 4 novels from his DI Max Byrd & DI Orion Tanzy series (Darlington), and the first 2 books in his DS April Fisher series (Manchester)
C.J. Grayson says:

'I'm not only excited but overwhelmed to be publishing with Joffe. Joining their passionate, knowledgeable team who are continually producing high-quality fiction, along with their fantastic collection of successful authors, I can't wait to see what the future holds - it's safe to say I'm in very capable hands.'


Associate Commissioning Editor says:

'C.J. Grayson has not one but two incredible series - both fantastically dark and gritty - and I know our readers will love the gripping, twisty plots and richly drawn characters in his crime thrillers. I'm so pleased to have him on board!'

C.J. Grayson's Books

Stand Alones

his Debut novel

Someone's There (2019)

Jack Haynes rings his wife's missing phone, but when he remembers seeing it downstairs earlier in the kitchen, he goes to hang up, only for it to be answered by strangers who've broken into the house.

The strangers are looking for something specific, something which involves his daughter, Lucy, who's witnessed a murder the night before in the woods.

But will they find something else - will they find Jack's biggest secret?

Jack finds a small, old leather box in the cupboard in the corner of Lucy's bedroom, containing something inside.

When he finally opens it, he uncovers secrets worse than he can ever begin to imagine.

Secrets that will rip his life apart

Available on Kindle for only 99p or paperback for £7.99.

DI Max Byrd & DI Orion Tanzy series

Meet Max and Orion...

Book 1 - re-Published by joffe books

The Tees Valley Killings (2023)

Darlington is a small Northern town where everyone knows everyone. And Detectives Tanzy and Byrd know there’s a twisted serial killer in their midst . . .

They find Julia Porter’s body tied to a chair in her quiet family home in the outskirts of Darlington. She’s covered in blood, and someone has cut out her eyes.

Next to her is a message written in red crayon: She didn’t see it coming.

Detectives Tanzy and Byrd have never seen the like of this in their town before. Then a few days later a woman is handed a package on the high street.

It contains Julia Porter’s eyes.

Darlington used to be a quiet town. A nice town. Not any more.

Detectives Tanzy and Byrd must stop a twisted serial killer before more women die.

Now Available for *99p*

Book 2 - re-Published by joffe books

The Denes Park Killings (2023)

Darlington is a small Northern town where everyone knows everyone. But Detectives Orion Tanzy and Max Byrd know that small towns can harbour deadly killers . . .

Anna Greenwell is walking home through the park with her six-year-old son when they come across a body. As soon as she sees the trainers and tracksuit, she knows. Her eldest was wearing those same clothes last night — and he never came home.

At the post-mortem, Tanzy and Byrd see that Mark Greenwell’s back is covered in deep scars. Some have healed, but others are fresh and raw. Someone was punishing this boy with regular whippings.

Meanwhile, the new DCI is making things especially difficult for Tanzy, and Byrd is still grieving for his parents. But things get even worse when a nine-year-old boy disappears on his way to school.

Damien Spencer went missing from the alley by his house. Is his abduction connected to the murder of Mark Greenwell? Tanzy and Byrd must find out — before it’s too late.

Darlington used to be a nice town. Not any more.

Detectives Tanzy and Byrd must stop this depraved killer before the body count rises.

Now Available for *99p*

Reader Reviews
Someone's There - Amazon review
"I am an avid reader reading three to five books a week and this was absolutely the best book I've read in the last five years. In my opinion it was a masterpiece in writing especially for a debut novel. The twists and turns were almost constant and they were so fantastic and unexpected it seriously blew my mind. PLEASE READ THIS BOOK. BEYOND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."
The Tees Valley Killings - Tanzy & Byrd book 1 - Amazon review
"Easily the best book I have read this year. Had me gripped from start to finish. Never saw a lot of what happened! Very well written and I hope for more in this series. Excited to say the least!"
The Denes Park Killings - Tanzy & Byrd book 2 - Amazon review

"Grayson has a way of creating bad guys that are normal people warped by the need for revenge after a very personal loss. This was a read in one sitting book for me. Loved the story and couldn't put it down."

Tanzy & Byrd Book 3 - coming soon....

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